pbxnsip Releases Full Screen Attendent Console to Beta

I'm glad to see that pbxnsip is working on a receptionist software attendent console for their IP PBX. I will do a video review on it when I get a second, but for now some screen shots and explanations. (you can click on any screen shot to get a nice big picture)

I'd like to say pbxnsip is definitely heading in the right direction with this attendent console. Soo many things being done RIGHT.

First of all, to my eye it looks nice and professional. (much much better look than the PAC product) Nice looking presence icons. Grey=not registered, Green=registered/ready, Yellow=In Call, Red=DND is turned on! (wow--a feature I've been after for awhile)

This entire application is a web page so it is zero implementation time. It can be used with Windows, MAC or Linux. I had my reservations about if with web the UI can be made smooth-to-use, and it seems to be soo far.

Also it is very configurable. For each receptionist you can decide what extensions are monitored and which conference rooms are monitored. heard right, you can monitor conference rooms!

As noted before you can decide for each receptionist what conference rooms they see. You can look at a conference room and see if it is in session if it is yellow and how many people or in it. Then if you click on it you can see each person in the call! At the moment it doesn't appear you can kick people out or mute--but my guess is this wouldn't be hard to add.

Drag and drop.

Soo far this console is BETA and not all features are working. I couldn't get "Add Contact" and "Open Chat" to work. But what I see soo far is very, very promising.

pbxnsip is getting an Attendent console ready to ship with it's Version 4 Release of pbxnsip.

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