Free, Unified Communication SIP Client Coming to Windows World?

I think it is imperative that existing, open SIP phone systems get a rich, collaborative SIP client to take the existing phone systems to the next level. After using Microsoft Office Communication Server at our own office I can see that this new collaborative way of communicating will take business by storm and existing solutions will need to get better to survive.

What are some of the features that need to be in the next generation SIP Client? full featured IM client, Wideband audio, rich audio conference call control from the PC, presence, desktop sharing, and video calls and multiparty video. Social network interoperability is increasingly becoming a must.

The SIP client that most closely fills this bill that I know of is the Blink SIP client by AG Projects. Currently this product does everything noted above except video and social network integration. The product is currently only available for MAC but is slated for Windows & Linux "soon". When I asked Blink spokesman Adrian Georgescu when Blink for Windows will be available his comment: "no date to announce yet". I think this product is worth watching closely.

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