#Lync User QuickTip #18: How To Get Lync 2010 Call and Conversation History On Lync Mobile Device

Do any of the below scenarios catch you?

  • Sometimes you are on the road and you know you made a call when you were back in the office an hour ago, and what was the number?
  • You miss an IM on your Lync Mobile client (for technical or others reasons) and you wonder what the person wanted.
  • You just want to find an old IM that someone sent you yesterday

The Lync Mobile client does not save Missed, Incoming and Outgoing voice calls. Also, It doesn’t save conversations history of IM’s that didn’t originate on Lync Mobile. How can get get around this? One simple way is by adding the Exchange/Outlook Conversation History email folder to your mobile device.


Note: My instructions will be Windows Phone specific here, but I’m sure you iOS and Android people can apply this trick to your devices. (but of course not as beautifully as with a Windows Phone tile ;-)

To add the Exchange/Outlook Conversation History email folder to your Windows Phone:

  • Open the Exchange/Outlook email that is associated with your Lync account.
  • Tap “Folders” and then “Show all folders” (below)


  • and add the Conversation History folder
  • Finally Pin this email Folder to your Start menu for very efficient access to you Call History.
  • Now, with one tap you can see Missed, Dialed, Connected calls along with all call history on your mobile device. Also, using Outlook mobile you can search for string. (below)


  • Call detail record (below)



  • There is an approx 5-10minute delay on a missed IM message showing up in Conversation History
  • Lync Mobile conversations are not saved in Exchange Conversation History (I know, I know, I wish they were too…
  • If you Tap on a phone number in Call History detail Outlook mobile will use the mobile phone to make the call. (You can Tap and Hold, copy and then paste into Lync Mobile. For some reason it adds digits in front of the number, so unfortunately this doesn’t work great for Lync Mobile Call Via Work.)

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