Who Can Federate Live! Update to WCF Tool Coming Soon

We’ve been working for some time on a new feature for the WCF Tool that we are calling Who Can Federate Live! and have decided to release it when current version hits 3,000 downloads. (to make sure there is demand. grin. click here to download.)

Who Can Federate Live! will allow you to run the WCF Tool just like you always have, plus there is a new tray app mode that lets you run it continuously as a tray app that will periodically scan for new contacts you can federate with. (much like AV or Anti-Malware software)

Below is the tray app and menu. (the Scan Now is for very impatient people like me.)


Below you can see scan in progress:


Below is the notice when Who Can Federate Live! finds new contacts. (We are thinking to add an email update/notification as well.) When you click on the notice, you can see any new contacts that are Lync enabled, and just like before you can click on them to open them in Lync.


As you may or may not know, the Who Can Federate Tool can scan your contact list hundreds of times faster than brute DNS lookups due to the Lync Federation Directory Project. (a list of thousands of Lync enabled domains.) We have an audacious goal to Azure-ize this backend database as well. This is in progress but not sure if this will make it into 1.4.


At the moment we are thinking to have the WCF Tool with Who Can Federate Live! feature be free just like the current WCF Tool. The free edition will always submit domains to the Lync Federation Directory Project (no personal contacts/email, just domains) when in Who Can Federate Live! /scheduled mode. We are thinking to have a paid edition that you can opt out of submitting domains.

To get the current Who Can Federate Tool:

I welcome feedback in comments, twitter or otherwise!

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