How Can I Use My SIP or Analogue DeskPhone With Lync?





  • Aastra, Ascom, Cisco, Linksys, Polycom via SmartSIP or Audiocodes SPS


Note: Make sure you thouroughly test your selected method for integrating your deskphones into your system. Using any of these methods may have different or missing functionality than the built in Lync client or Lync Phone Edition devices.


  1. Can any of these phones register with Lync Online instead of Lync On-Premise servers ?

    1. Snom UC Edition can I think, verify with snom.

  2. You can deploy TekSIP as a proxy for standard SIP phones to connect to a Microsoft Lync system. Lync supports IP phones only if they support SRTP with SIP TLS transport. TekSIP register standard SIP phones on behalf of them to a Lync system and maintain their presence status. Please see for more details.

  3. As an alternate, you can use Kinnex Media Gateway to make your SIP phones Lync compatible.

    KMG is a small add-on for Lync, which can be collocated with FE. Software is installed for a few easy steps. It works transparently for users and administrators.

    If you install KMG, your SIP phone becomes an end-point in the Lync. You can make calls, receive calls, transfer calls, hold calls, use DTMF, send and receive voice mails, call to a user in a federation and so on. You can work with your address book on a phone. Of course, your presence status will be processed and shown in the Lync. Because autoprovision SIP phones are configured automatically.

    More details:


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