Lync BusyLight™ Review: USB Device Brings Physical Presence & Ringer to Lync



There have been various “hobbyist” electronics projects to do interesting things with presence lights and Microsoft Lync including:

But I believe the BusyLight is the first commercially packaged product to provide physical presence light and ringer. Below is my video review of the device:

What are the Features of the BusyLight?

  • Shows your Lync presence status by a color coded LED on top of a 4” tall wand
    • Green, Red, Orange and Yellow presence states.
    • (Ironic NOTE: Even the Lync Optimized phones only 3 colors! Green, Red, Yellow!)
  • The unit has a built in ringer speaker
    • if you have a headset laying on desk, there is still a ring you can hear
    • or with a device with no speakers you still have a ringer
  • Lighted Ringer (Blinks blue for ring)

What is in the box?

  • The USB BusyLight
  • Adhesive pad to stick the BusyLight to your laptop or monitor
  • How to Install sheetbox-and-stuff

Some Pictures

The HP 4120 gives a little size comparison in the background.


The 2 small slots are for the ringer.




Mount can be angled to easily attach where you want.


ringer blue light (below)


How to Setup

  • Plug the BusyLight into USB on your PC and the BLL driver should automatically load.



The tray app




  • The device is not a USB speaker device as I expected. (you do not configure this in Lync)
  • The ring tones do not appear to be modifiable by user
  • The tray app MUST be running for the BusyLight to work.
  • the LED is nice and bright (the photos seem to appear more washed out than the actual LED)

You can buy the device:

Note: How is the Jabra busylight related to the Kuando BusyLight? (some striking similarities!)


  1. Thanks for the mention Matt, and for posting this review and video. It looks like a pretty neat device. And hey don't forget about Tommy's Lync Buddy :)

  2. thanks Tom! i knew there were more but i couldn't remember all of them! ;-)

  3. Hi Matt. Thanks for a great review of our Busylight for Lync. You ask about the Jabra Busylight. It's similar because we produce it for Jabra under OEM. Thanks again. Morten, Plenom a/s

  4. @Morten: Thanks for that update Morten! wish you and Busylight the best.

  5. Any idea what happened to this company? I haven't been able to get their website to come up for weeks. I need the drivers for this.


  6. A cheaper option:


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