#Cisco Prepares for the Post-PC Era in a Move That Signals the End of an Age



In a move that signals the END of an age in computing, Cisco makes an incredibly shocking announcement that we can only expect Cisco hopes will nudge the PC to yet another milestone of success in it’s long run of dominance.

In a March 27, 2012 press release Cisco seems to be noting:

“The Age of Jabber not being available for Windows is over. We have finally arrived at the PC/Windows age with our Jabber client.”

It can only be assumed that this is incredibly important milestone for Cisco. Jabber for Windows can now do what other UC client for the PC could do for several years now.

It is duly noted that while Jabber has arrived at Windows world with presence/IM/Audio/Video/Conference/Sharing this does not mean Jabber for Post-PC devices has these features yet. As noted by one Cisco Community user: “the Jabber train is in multiple stages of development on the different supported platforms…”

An unnamed UC industry watcher noted: “If Cisco is ever to get to the Post-PC world they need to first arrive at the PC/Windows world. Jabber has just arrived.”

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