Lync Survivable Branch Appliance Version 2 Released, Microsoft Says: “SBA For Any Branch, Any Size”



Unless I am mistaken, Microsoft isn’t jumping up and down and shouting “LYNC SURVIVABLE BRANCH APPLIANCE VERSION 2” has come! ;-). Actually it sneaked out on me and when I saw NET mentioning “SBAv2” I mistakenly thought at first it was a NET moniker. Even looking at Lync Qualified SBA page I don’t see any mention of it. But, according to Rushal Patel, of NET, this is an official update of the Lync SBA by Microsoft.

UPDATE: Yes, Microsoft does have something to say about the SBAv2:
“This specification has the potential to reduce the cost for deploying SBA in branches of 25 users or less,” said Ashima Singhal, Group Product Manager, Microsoft Lync. Click Here to read more.

[And listen up SMB’s: This device, even if inadvertently, is showing you some love.]

How is the Lync Survivable Branch Appliance Version 2 different than Lync SBA Version 1?

  • Support for less than 25 users Branch Offices
  • Appears like SBAv2 can be run on lesser/cheaper Atom based-hardware
  • Virtualization
    • This appears to mean that a device like NET UX1000 can run the SBAv2 software and some additional apps like:
      • Call center/contact center solution
      • call recording solution
      • bandwidth management
      • some other vertical app

Below is an example of a virtualized application on an SBA v2: Auto Attendant by Audiocodes: (Click here)


More details here: (source: click here)

It appears like UCMA apps can run on SBAv2:



At the moment it appears NET UX1000 is the first device Qualified for SBAv2.

Rushal Patel comment on SBAv2 on twitter:!/PatelRushal/status/190563310024933376

NET Blog Article about SBAv2:

NOTE: If you have any Microsoft or other links to more information about SBAv2, I would welcome it. Please comment.

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