Lync Call Pickup Feature Provided by 3rd Party ISV’s


Colima Cerebro

Call Pickup solution for Lync from Colima is server based.


Bressner FonComfort

Just noticed this little tray app that brings Call Pickup (and some other features) to Microsoft Lync. It seems to work just as billed.

Some Notes:

  • It will pickup Response Group and calls directly to a Lync user (if a lync user is ringing, it seems it can Call Pick it)
  • Person doing the call pickup cannot have DND set
  • The FonComfort trayapp must be running on both parties PC
  • You must initiate the call pickup from Lync 2010, but you can answer the resulting call to yourself from Lync 2010 or an IP phone
  • By default Lync does not have a “Ringing” presence state indicated, but FonComfort includes instructions to add this so you can pickup calls even without physically hearing the ring
  • Restart Lync 2010 and FonComfort before trying to use

Axon Lync Call Pickup


I have not tested it, but alert Lync consultant, Thamara Wijesinghe, notified me that UbiBase has created Axon Lync Call Pickup. Checkout their video below:

Some quick things Ubibase notes about Axon Call Pickup for Lync

  • Written using UCMA
  • At the moment, Individual call pickup (call pickup groups on their agenda)
  • Works on Lync client or Lync Phone Edition with user definable code
  • Will have some more features
    • Busy Tone
    • Music on Busy
    • Music on Hold
  • Will work with SBA, SBS and Enterprise topologies

See pages 5-9 of this pdf brochure for Axon Call Pickup for Lync:

More Lync Call Pickup Solutions:

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