The Masses Can Now Make Microsoft Lync MSPL Scripts Via Free Tool from Colima

UPDATE: As of Feb 2014 the tool is free and does IM, Audio and Video calls.

Looks like Colima thinks everyone should be writing MSPL to filter incoming sessions.

The SimpleRoute tool is a small 2MB application that requires no installation, just click on the executable. The interface is quite easy: Just define the From, Message Contains and Action (Decline or Redirect To). (the free tool just works on IM messages, but paid tool does Audio and Video as well.)


Next click on the Save icon to save the automatically generated MSPL file.


Checkout the resulting MSPL:


After you save the MSPL file, SimpleRoute will give you the precise Powershell command to install your new MSPL file as well. Run it, and you should be done!


Seems like a quite clever tool which removes the need for programming MSPL for simple scripts.

Get the Free Tool from Colima:

Read more on MSPL:

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