snom Vision SIP or #Lync Attendant Console Gets Firmware Update: Fixes and New Features


NOTE: I didn’t get a chance to play with new firmware, so any feedback is welcome!

It appears that the snom Vision (an attendant console that works with snom 8xx series in plain SIP or Microsoft Lync if partnered up with Lync Qualified snom 821) got a firmware update:

Some welcome changes:

  • Not forced to have 2 buttons “wasted” on first page by predefined applications
  • Major speedup of loading extensions config page in web ui (was 20 seconds, now 1second!)
  • more update…click here

How to use the snom 821 and Vision with Microsoft Lync:


  • Firmware update takes approximately 10minutes. Here is the firmware URL.
  • I hate to even post the marketing photos of the snom Vision screens/UI because in reality it looks quite different. Below is what the snom Vision UI really looks like.


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