The First Windows Phone SIP Client Hits Marketplace: MobileVoip App IS Tied To Service, But Voip is on Wp7


It appears that the first Voip over GSM/Wifi has made its way onto Windows Phone. I haven’t tested the product and it IS only available to use with select service providers. Also it is specifically notated as BETA. But what is interesting is that a SIP softphone app is now on Windows Phone, so we know its possible. Winking smile And I expect other vendors are some where nearby hatching plans to release their own SIP/VoIP client. (perhaps even an open SIP client?) Here is what MobileVoip says about app:

MobileVoip offers free 3G or WiFi calls for Windows Phone 7, Android, Symbian and iPhone users!

If I am incorrect that this is the first VoIP over 3G/Wifi, please let me know via a comment or @matthewlandis on twitter.


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  1. VoIP service under your own branded label and you take a percentage of all business generated through their white label service. You provide all your won marketing, sales, and customer service. But, the white label service provides the VoIP infrastructure behind the scenes.

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  4. Does it work with custom sip? like asterix hosted on my own VPS?


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