snom Takes First Baby Step Into Video? snom ICU DoorKeeper, SIP Doorphone from #snom

snom door keeper

snom has toyed with displaying video on the snom 800 series phones but it appears they are ready to enter the market with a product: The snom ICU doorkeeper. This is a h.264 based door phone unit. What is interesting is that snom notes you can view the door phone video from the “Talk and Pop” software OR the snom 8xx series color screen. See quote below:

When the Talk & Pop soft client is used to receive the calls, the video is displayed on the receiving party’s PC, where Accept and Reject buttons allow the receiving party to either “buzz” in the visitor or deny access to the visitor. The snom 800 IP phone series can also be used by the receiving party to view the video; however, this is heavily dependent on the IPBX.

If this unit is anything like the snom PA 1, we can expect to find snom firmware powering this innards of this unit. That fact that the quote above notes doorkeeper is dependent on “the pbx” means that perhaps some video goodness made its way into snom ONE IP PBX? Winking smile

One thing that has me very interested, is the video integrated into the snom firmware? (I have not seen the firmware yet) If so, the possibility that snom now has video expertise to add into their desk phones and pbx lineup is even more interesting to me than this unit itself.

Brochure of ICU DoorKeeper:


UPDATE: reading more it appears the camera and SIP part of this unit are separate? Not using video via SIP? Hmm, messy.

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