Introducing the Unofficial Microsoft Lync Suggestion List: Ideas & Wishlist Welcome!

After noticing some questions on the Lync forums are asked many times over I thought it might be good to have a public and easy to use feature suggestion portal for Microsoft Lync. This way people can see if, indeed, what they are looking for is there or not.
So after getting some input if this would be beneficial from "top Lync community echelons" ;-) and being encouraged to move from inside Microsoft I decided to "make it happen".
So, why the Microsoft Lync Suggestion List?
  • Compile an organized list of whats there and whats not
  • See what the community wants to see in Lync by popular demand
  • Have a simple and easy place to add suggestions
  • Have an productive outlet for those days...
So,  submit and vote on ideas straight away!

Note: This portal works beautifully on WindowsPhone...and all the other mobile devices. ;-)

ps-If there is any problems using the system, feel welcome to post a comment here.

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