#Lync User QuickTip #8: Lync Makes Dialing PhoneWords So Simple (example: 1800-Flowers)



So, you heard that 1800-FLOWERS on the radio ( or 1800-BUSINESS, or 1800 whatever! ) and you go home, walk up to your phone and hunt and peck that number in, thinking all the time it would be easier just to type the number? (yeah, me too)

Well trivia time: did you what I just described is called a “Phoneword”? Do not be intimidated, I did not either…until I checked in with Wikipedia:

What if you could just smoothly type “1800flowers” (you know, that PhoneWord) and your phone would just dial the number? Well, it is that easy with Lync! Just type the Phoneword in and press ENTER and, Presto!


Okay, now…go buy your wife some flowers! Winking smile

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Source: Our great Lync consultant Japheth Nolt

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