Skype Coming to Windows Phone in “Next Couple Weeks” and Lync too? #skype #lync #wp7


I think it would be accurate to say my eye is on Windows Phone / Lync / SIP / now Skype developments like a hawk. (if pressing refresh on this link everyday qualifies)  I just noticed that Winrumors has an article dated yesterday stating that:

Microsoft is now expected to deliver its Windows Phone 7.5 Skype application in the coming weeks.

Isn’t something déjà vu about that comment “expected in the coming weeks”? Sure is. On September 22, 2011, Kirk Gregersen, senior director for Lync in Microsoft's Office division, talked with InformationWeek and they reported:

“Microsoft in the coming weeks will release a version of its Lync collaboration suite for a number of mobile platforms, a company executive said…”

There likely is no connection except that both Lync  and Skype for Windows Phone appear to be poised to come…soon. Winking smile (since Microsoft has given no verification of Information Week’s “coming in weeks” statement some are giving Lync mobile for WindowsPhone ETA as end of 2011)

This Skype development should not be a surprise because at MIX11 Joe Belifore noted “We’re excited to see Skype come to the platform this fall when all these additional enhancements are available,”

In this blog article I transcribed what was discussed by a Microsoft presenter on some future details of Skype and Lync clients. Since this video was removed I expect we will not see this in first release of Skype.

In any event, WindowsPhone will become an incredibly compelling communication endpoint…SOON. Winking smile

Winrumors article:

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