A More Detailed Look at the Coming snom 720 and snom 760: Looks Interesting #snom #lync

Below are higher resolution pictures of the snom 720 and 760. These are expected to arrive in distribution sometime Nov-Dec 2011 time frame.

The snom 7xx series is a widely interoperable SIP desk phone. I think they are interesting because of the density of definable buttons (18 on 720 and 12 on 760)

This button density is also interesting in light of eventually being interoperable with Lync via  Lync Qualified firmware. I know Lync purist’s may sneer at “buttons” but I don’t think it would be bad to have such a phone for scenarios where the “key system” mentality persists in some corner of the company.


It should be noted that the snom 7xx series definable buttons have 2 color LED’s for each button.

The snom 760 pictured below appears to have a very nice looking UC contact list on the screen. (click to enlarge).


It is not known if this phone will have Lync Qualified firmware available when delivered or if that will come later.

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