#Lync User QuickTip #5: Update Lync, Twitter and Linked-In Status In One Fell Swoop

Ever wish you could update social sites like Twitter and Linked-in at the same time as Lync status? Now you can thanks to a simple to install addon for Lync called LyncSocial.
A couple nice things about this addon for Lync:
  • Any end user can install and setup in minutes
  • You can decide to send/not send each Lync status update to Twitter/Linked-In by simple hashtag
  • You use the Lync UI just like you are now to make Status updates
  • The addon is Free. Can’t beat that.
Basic Steps to do it:
  1. Go download Lync Social at:
  2. Install and setup as shown below
  3. Change your Lync status and include #TW #LI hashtag in status as shown
  4. If this is first time you will get authorization steps
  5. Status is posted!
After performing the above steps you should see your Lync status also posted to Twitter.
Note: I had some questions about whether its nesseary to install LyncSocial on each computer Lync is used on and the answer is no. Just install it on a computer that is running the most and when the status is changed from any PC using the same Lync user, voila!
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