#Lync User QuickTip #12: Free Add-on to Popup New Instant Message

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Some people love it, some hate it, but a fairly common request is for new IM’s to be automatically popped open. By default in Lync they just stay at the bottom of the screen.

SuperToast by Modality Systems

Modality Systems has released an elegant tool that solves the popup issue while at the same time maintaining Lync’s MPOP (multiple points of presence) feature. You can get this free addon by email


Read all about the addon by going to:

LyncPopper by Technet User

Another solution: Technet user, Jumper4000, has created a small Lync enhancement that merely pops open Lync messages. A challenge with this method is it breaks MPOP and takes the focus away from what you are doing on your PC. But it’s an option.

Warning: This is a very new app. So be aware you are testing a beta.
Some users have been noting Norton/Symantec detects this as a virus.

Click here to read:

Click here to get:


  1. You could also use LyncNotifier, which was created to solve this issue.

  2. I have to second the Lync Notifier program that CSDSol mentions. I have used and talked to their programmer a few months ago. It's a good app, works as advertised, and has a few additional neat features including a disable (without uninstall) feature for when I present.


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