Could a Device Like This Leap Frog Lync Optimized & Qualified Devices?


Note: This article falls in the class of “crazy Friday future brain-storming”.

Just saw this Panasonic KX-UT670 and thought: Could this device, or something like it, leapfrog all of snom and Polycom’s hard efforts to produce Lync Qualified devices?

Why It Might

  • This device could conceivably leverage any Android Lync Wave 15 Voip client that arrives (later this year?) or other 3rd party Android clients.
  • It already has a 720p HD Video Cam built in
  • Whopping 7” color touch display (compared to CX600 3.5” non-touch)
  • Could be as easy to deploy as a Android BYOD device

Why It Might Not

  • It will be too pricey for entry level desk sets (retail price of approximately $400USD)
  • If Cisco Cius couldn’t make it in a tablet with docking station, why could this desk only unit make it?
  • Lync Mobile clients are not really designed for “desk phone” senario so UI may not fit
  • Perhaps the softphone “revolution” is too far progress for such a device to gain serious traction?
  • The BYOD wave just makes any enterprise grade device unacceptable?
  • Do we need a desk phone anymore?

Below is a video review of the unit by TheDroidGuy that got my attention.

As an alternative, perhaps an enterprise grade, Lync Optimized base station with handset (think of Cisco Cius docking station) that works as a USB handset when no iPad or Android tablet (or Windows 8 Tablet, to fend of life threats ;-) is in the docking station might have a shot at the future.

cius docking station

Above: Cius Docking (front)

cius dock back

BTW-Hey Cisco, maybe this is an idea to recoup some Cius R&D? Okay, sorry for that lame joke.

Cius Docking Station:


  1. I'm looking in to the new firmware coming out for the Polycom vvx500 phones in two weeks. It is supposed to have a lot of lync integration.

    1. @RobG What kind of Lync integration are you hearing is coming in 2weeks?


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