snom Releases Windows UC Client That Does Presence, Instant Message and Visual Voicemail


snom has released a UC Client for the snom ONE IP PBX to add Unified Communication features. Below is a look and video review of some of the features.

snom uc-1

Some features on this first iteration

  • Presence (or perhaps more accurately extension state?)
  • Instant Message
  • Complete VoIP Client (Softphone)
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Contact List
  • Unified Call History
  • Set your user picture and note
  • Debugging: SIP logging and view

Missing Features (at the moment)

  • Click to transfer
  • Click to call VoiceMail or transfer to Voicemail
  • No tone/sound on incoming IM
  • No incoming call to the softphone/client

Bugs noticed

  • If you change users you need to close and reopen program
  • DTMF pad didn’t seem to work for me?
  • clicking on a missed call crashes the client

Review Notes

  • snom has noted this product is BETA: So bugs are to be reported, not complained about. ;-)
  • Very snappy UI that responds nicely
  • Right clicking on a Contact gives an extra, unnecessary “jump/flicker” but it works.
  • This client does not automate/control the desk phone, but is a complete SIP softphone
    • But in some ways feels unified: missed/dialed calls from any endpoint show up in client
  • Missed versus Dialed  calls not very clearly marked
  • Very definitely a BETA (perhaps Alpha?) release

See the Video First Impression Review Here:


Get it here:

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