More Details on Lync-to-phone Features of Office365 Jajah Service for #Lync


365 and jajah

Some quick things I notice:

  • Appears you need Office 365 E3 Plan at $20/user/month to get voicemail (or Lync Online Plan 3)
  • Jajah plans range from $13.99 to $29.99 for unlimited
  • Voice features supported (source)
    • click to call
    • Call Via Work
    • Forward call to mobile devices
    • Exchange Online Voicemail preview/transcription
    • Drag and drop Conference Calling
    • Auto Attendant through Exchange Online voicemail
    • Delegate
    • Team Call

Some Features NOT in Lync-to-Phone

  • Call Admission Control
  • Interop with PBX
  • Response Groups
  • Branch office resiliency
  • Lync IP phones
  • Exchange Auto Attendants

Office365/Jajah FAQ:

Jajah SignUp:

Office 365 Plans:

More Sources:


  1. Hi Matt,
    just a little clarification, to get Lync-To-Phone capabilities you'll need plan E4, not E3. For some reason it's not yet on the main compare plans page, but if you click on compare all plans you'll see it. E3 only gives you the hosted voicemail (either for lync-on-premises or online).

    1. Max, thanks for weighing in.

      I'm pretty sure that E4 is for if you want to install Lync On-Premise servers to provide your own pstn connectivity and complete lync including ResponseGroups and everything.

      My understanding is that Jajah is more limited (noted above) and works with E3.

      (If you have used jajah or have an url that states otherwise please post)

      Once again, thanks.

  2. I'm using E3 with LyncOnline Plan3 (important) and i can make and receive calls. still working on voicemail...


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