Update to Lync for iPad Brings Meeting PowerPoint Visuals to iPad


Lync for iPad is getting an interesting update: You can now view the PowerPoint portion of a Lync meeting.


Some things to note about the update

  • iPad will be available to view the PowerPoint portion of a Lync Meeting only. (not desksharing or video)
  • Basic-will follow the presenter and not allow going forward and backward.
  • Only iPad, not WindowsPhone, Android, iPhone
  • Requires June 2012 Server side updates before it will work

NOTE: I’m very glad that my Lync User QuickTip #11 is no longer needed for iPad devices! (Lync User QuickTip #11: Want Mobile Devices to Attend the Visual Part of Your Next Lync Meeting? Here’s How) This tip might still be useful for WindowsPhone, iPhone and other devices.

Microsoft Lync 2010 for iPad:—ITPRO40890


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