Windows Phone 8 to Get More UC Enabled: Integrated Internet Calling



Just today Microsoft announced a lot of new things coming in Windows Phone 8. One that definitely affects UC on the device is “Integrated Internet Calling” noted under developers,developer,developer” section of Joe Belfiore’s blog on Windows 8

Integrated Internet calling: In Windows Phone 8, developers can create VoIP apps that plug into our existing calling feature so Internet calls can be answered like traditional phone calls, using the same calling interface.

This will make it possible to have a very integrated “softphone” experience, as is noted by this slide from Endgadget. which outlines in more detail what “Integrated Internet Calling” is:

    • Incoming VoIP calls feel like any other call
    • Integrates with built-in phone features
    • Voip apps continue to run in the back ground
    • Available to all developers



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