First Impression of XavyMeeting: Lync Guest Meeting Join Client for iPad


Xavy is the new branding what was formerly known as Xync. I just noticed that XavyMeeting v6.50.x was released June 1, 2012 and the cost is currently at a promotional price of $1.99.

What I noticed in my quick testing on WIFI:

  • Instant Message worked
  • Participating in Audio Call worked
  • Viewing PowerPoint worked
  • Participating in Whiteboard worked
  • Graphics/UI somewhat improved from Xync
  • You do not get “current speaker” indication that I could see
  • Saving a meeting the save button got hidden by keyboard,use on screen keyboard button to get it out of the way

What did not work for me

  • Joining the video stream: garbled noise display; crashed XavyMeeting
  • Joining a desktop sharing stream: white displayed; crashed XavyMeeting on stop sharing
  • When I went outside our network it would crash (when Lync Mobile and Lync 2010 worked fine)


Version 6.50.051612

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