#Lync User QuickTip #24: Make Outlook Signature Phone Numbers and Lync Addresses Clickable



This is one of those “smack on my forehead why didn’t I think of it before” tips that @tommyclark has been using in his emails for some time and @patrichard’s mention of it prompted me to right this little tip.

Want to make your Outlook signature phones and and Lync addresses clickable? Just prefix a phone number with TEL: and SIP URI/Lync Address with SIP: and it will become click to dial for phone numbers and click to IM for Lync Addresses!

using-sip-tel-to make phone hotlink

This little trick works any where there is HTML content in Windows.

Credit Where Credit is Due:
@tommyclarke’s Lync Blog Ultimate Communications
@patrichard Exchange and Lync Blog Ehlo World!

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  1. first thought is you wont get presence until the call is made - step backwards?

    1. remember this could (possibly ;-) work with pbx clients as well that might not have presence.

      But good point, i would rather have a skype-like option that shows presence as well. Is there one that you know of?

  2. if you put some icons behind the links it looks more professional :-)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. good point. on this blog i was not focusing on how to make a slick looking signature so much as how to make a clickable phone or sip uri. bug good point! thanks

  3. Mine doesn't work, it opens up a new email. i've double checked my lync server to make sure I have the correct SIP address but it just opens an email. If I put in my personal email it opens up Lync.

  4. Same issues here John, just opens a new email.

  5. For SIP addresses, make sure the address starts with sip: instead of mailto:

    For phone numbers, make sure they start with tel:

  6. If you click your own SIP address, it opens an email. Test this by putting someone elses email address in there and see that it works. Or, send an email to a co-worker on Lync and have them test for you.

  7. That happens if you click on your own SIP, to test just use anyone elses name and check, that should work.

    I am wondering if it is possible to get the Presence status as well. Please let me know if someone knows the trick!!



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