#Lync User QuickTip #23: Optimizing Blind Call Transfer To One or Two Clicks in Microsoft Lync 2010



We talked in a previous QuickTip post about how to create one button shortcuts to call or instant message a Lync contact. In this post we’ll talk about making call transfer less steps in Lync 2010.

If you are a fan of desk phones with a multitude of buttons or you subscribe to the three click philosophy* and you have to transfer quite a few calls to a handful of common contacts, you may take issue with the Microsoft Lync call transfer experience. (Please note that the Lync Attendant is extremely efficient and does indeed allow a call transfer in 2 clicks and is very efficient! We are aiming this article at those who cannot use Attendant because they need some Lync 2010 feature like desk sharing, video or meeting join) But what if you are a common Lync user that needs to commonly transfer calls, what is the experience for you?

Lync Phone Edition (“Aries”) Blind Transfer Steps:

The first step to transfer during a live call is to press Menu | Down Arrow (3times) | Select…


Now we are at 5 key presses and we are ready to select a Contact. From here we can either type what will be a 3/4 digit extension (and not know the users status before we transfer) or start type the first, say, 3 letters we now of their name. So lets say it’s a good day and we could type 2 letters and press Transfer. Done! (If you are a believer in the three click philosophy* you were counting and noted that was approximately 8 or more clicks)


snom, in one of there marketing videos for the snom UC Edition perhaps are the most eloquent in outlining the challenge, saying it this way: “Try this with a Lync Phone Edition…”

Microsoft Lync 2010 Blind Transfer Steps

On the Lync 2010 client you click on Call Transfer | Another Person or Number |  and then you will see an alphabetical list of your contacts. (Or you can press CTRL+SHiFT+T to jump right to the next screen.)

call transfer1

Now we will be presented with the “Transfer Call” contact list. This list is your contacts presented in alphabetical order. In most cases you will need to start typing the name, when the match is found you can press enter to complete transfer. (5 clicks/keys)

transfer contact list

Is There Any Ingenious Way To Streamline Transfer?

There are several solutions to help with this that involve buying a product:

  • Get button phone like snom 370 or snom 821 with Vision (see this video)
  • FoneComfort client side tray app removes a click or so for transfer (video demo)

Here is a way using a simple AutoHotkey script.

  • Download, Install and run AutoHotKey:
  • Modify one of the below AutoHotKey scripts to include your important “Transfer To” contacts".
  • Run the below AutoHotKey script by clicking on it.
One HotKey Script
  • Script Below: (cut and pasted into file with .ahk extension)

;document first hot key
;#F3 = pressing WindowsKey plus F3 will fire this line
;^+T = will send the keystrokes ctrl+shift+T to the select window
; = uri to be transferred to
#F3::Send ^{Enter}{enter}
#F4::Send ^{Enter}{enter}
#F5::Send ^{Enter}{enter}
#s::Send ^{Enter}{enter}

  • next edit the above script by insert the contacts user needs to transfer to and assign hotkey
  • Now when you want to transfer a call, just press the shortcut you assigned to the commonly transfered contact.
    • for example, in the sample script above, if you are on a call with someone, you can press Windows+F3 to transfer to
Two Click/Press Menu Script
  • Download the Quick Transfer script on Technet: Click Here
  • Open the script with Notepad and Edit the menu to include your Lync URI’s, save and close.
  • Click on script to run
  • Press F9 to transfer using an efficient menu


quick demo of quick transfer script.

NOTE: You can compile your script so you don’t even need to install AutoHotKey on the PC running the script. See AutoHotKey help.

More Lync User QuickTips:

* This is the belief that anything done regularly needs to be 3 clicks or less. Since I can’t find who came up with this I’ll just take responsibility for it.


  1. Matt that is absolutely superb!

    Noticed one small gotcha. If the person you are tranferring to was last called on their mobile then the transfer fails. i.e. the default call type is mobile when you hover over the contact.

    You get an error ID 404 source ID 239.

    If you make a call to the contact's Lync "number" and try the transfer again it works.


    1. here is a less ambiguous way to transfer: instead of transferring to a sip URI, put in a specific extension number (like 7101). this should solve!

      Let me know if this solves your problem.

    2. Yes indeed it would since we have those all setup. Is a display name in the menu feasible in this scenario?

    3. As the app is written now: no.

      But we could modify to do what you want. If this is worth consulting time to you we can do it. sales (at)


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