Lync Select Dial App: Lync Dialing Enabled from Any Application

UPDATE: Lync Select Dial now works with Windows 8. The app uses F8 which does not conflict with Windows 8 hotkeys.


The premise of the Lync Select Dial app is simple: You should be able to dial from any application. Lync Select Dial is a very simple tray app will dial anything you can select. Just select and press F8 and that’s it!

Video Demo of Lync Select Dial
Users Feedback on Lync Select Dial
  • “...its so simple. I love it. I’ve been using it all day ––@legendarytechy 
  • “Works perfect! Thanks for the udpate. ––@paulisLync
  • “Clever...nice work  --@tomarbuthnot, Lync MVP
  • “…check it out, cool!  --@ivcrieki
  • “Lync Select Dial is awesome..and works perfectly… –@xhunter9x
  • “An excellent addition to any Lync heavy user - a feature that should make it in a [Lync] future version. –Alessio Giombini
  • “Lync Select Dial is awesome. I use it many times every day. -- @djtentman, Lync Admin


  • Works with Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Works with Lync 2010 or Lync 2013 (but NOT Lync Windows Store App)

Go Get Lync Select Dial: It’s Free.

How Can You Help Lync Select Dial?

First, we are looking for no donations! :-) Here are 2 ways you can help though:

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