[BREAKING] Lync 2013 Mobile for Windows Phone Has Arrived in Market Place

Lync 2013

You can my very detailed blog that lists every last feature & detail about Lync Mobile 2013 summarized on this blog.

Summary of New Features Lync 2013 Mobile for Windows Phone 8
  • Voice over IP
  • Video Calls
  • Call Via Work (fall back to mobile network if data is not good)
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Call Controls
    • Hold
  • Point-to-Point and multi-party video w/ single active speaker
    • will leverage H.264 SVC and H.264 encoding done by ARM chipset when possible.
  • Meetings shown in calendar view inside the Lync client
  • Supports video in landscape and portrait (source: click here)
  • Incoming Calls Appear Just Like Mobile Incoming Calls (source: click here)
Features that did NOT make it into Lync 2013 Mobile for Windows Phone 8 This Release
  • conversation history integrated with exchange
  • collaboration/screen share view
  • adding contacts
  • call transfer
  • handover during live call (for example: from wifi to 4g)
My first hands on with Lync 2013 Mobile for Windows Phone




Q. Can Lync 2013 Mobile for Window Phone Login to Lync Server 2010 AND Lync Server 2013?
A. No, New Lync 2013 Mobile can only login to Lync Server 2013 with CU1 update.

Q. Can Windows Phone 7.5 or 7.8 run Lync 2013 Mobile?
A. No.

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Every Detail you Wanted to Know About Lync Mobile 2013:

Photo’s Showing New Functionality

Video Calls (below)
5 of 5

New Incoming Call using same method as mobile incoming call. (below Via LyncAtea blog. Please read the whole blog here.)
Incoming video call. Here the image of the caller also appears if it is in place!

Portrait or Lanscape and call control show below: hold, mute, speaker/ear.  (below Via LyncAtea blog. Please read the whole blog here.)
Call lying with menu

User Experience & Feedback Using the New Client

Tommy Clarke


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  1. You mentioned:
    "Q. Can Lync 2013 Mobile for Window Phone Login to Lync Server 2010 AND Lync Server 2013?
    A. Yes. New 2013 features will only work with Lync Server 2013.

    A Lync 2013 mobile app can NOT register with Lync Server 2010 or Lync Server 2013 pre CU1 but the Lync 2010 mobile apps can register with Lync Server 2013 that has had CU1 installed

    1. great catch! i thought i had updated that but i had it worded awkwardly. corrected!

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