New Microsoft Lync Optimized and Compatible IP Phone Page



It looks like Microsoft is tweaking the designations to be Lync version specific and tweaking what used to be “Lync Qualified” to now be “Compatible with 2013” (or 2010)

Below are new designations:

  • Optimized for Lync 2013 (or 2010)
  • Compatible with Lync 2013 (or 2010)
  • Wireless Phone for Lync 2013 (or 2010)

Some other things noted:

  • There are no longer photos of the phones on the page
  • a scolling comparison grid instead of full page
  • there is a new filter (which will be cool once my suggestion below implemented :)

Some humble suggestions to improve (even more)

  • The ability to search is cool, but it should filter out columns, not rows
  • related: Excel-like selectors would be great.
    • Example:  on USB Wireless Headsets grid have a dropdown that shows different types of earpieces and you can select one or more and list is filtered by that.
  • small photos would make perusing helpful
  • URLs to vendor page would be excellent

IF you prefer the pages with photos so you can peruse devices (like below) you need to download PDF’s now. Here is where the are at:


Go checkout the page yourself:

IP Phone Page:

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