Polycom CX200, aka Catalina, Is Starting Journey Into Sunset: Is Dial Pad Here To Stay?


@jc_1875 notes that the Polycom CX200 is no longer available from suppliers in the UK and is no longer on the UK Polycom listed among the Lync Optimized devices on Polycom’s site (click here) (update: I now note the USA site is same: click here )

It is with a little nostalgia, as the CX200 was the very first OCS/Lync handset I video reviewed, way back in Dec 2009.

The CX200 lead the brave new world of dial pad less USB desk phone in the OCS/Lync hardware eco system. Today we have many USB speaker phones and some handheld devices---but this will mean the end of dial pad less device in an otherwise desk phone form factor. Considering the CX300, with a dial pad, remains, is this a little blow to no dial pad? Just a thought that hit me.

And, will the next dial pad less desk phone look more something like below? Interestingly enough, Lync may soon come to devices like the Mocet Communicator, via the new Lync 2013 Mobile client for iPad. The new Lync 2013 Mobile for iPad will do voice and video over IP, so could conceivably work on an iPad with the $229 device below.


I would say the wide spread federation usage will likely put the nail in the “dial pad” coffin more than driving this from device form factor. Microsoft Lync Server 2013’s native connection to thousands of other enterprise’s using Lync, Office365, Google IM/P and soon the millions of Skype users world wide will certainly move the things towards a dial-pad-free future: but likely not anytime soon.

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My Old CX200 Video Review for old times sake:

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