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I plan to be attending EC13 as a “work from home” attendee. (Due the the exciting new possibilities of UC this should very possible, right? To bad I don’t have one of these-> click here)

Twitter Hashtag: #EC13
Streamed KeyNote 3/19: Click Here

I will be posting Lync announcements and things of note in this post. (If you are at EC13 in person and have something you want to nudge me with, feel free to ping me @matthewlandis.)

General Announcements/Take Away

  • 3/18 - Approximately 5,000 people expected at EC13 (source: click here)
  • 3/18 - WebRTC Session Expanded to Support Crowd (click here)
    • WebRTC Session Causes “Walls To Be Torn Down” at EC13! :) (photo click here)
    • something over 100 attendees (estimated 150-300): click here
  • 3/18 - Albert Kooiman, Senior Product Manager Microsoft Notes: “no update on IE support [for WebRTC]” click here
    • What Microsoft Has Previously Said About WebRTC and Lync: Click Here
  • 3/18 - Microsoft Giovinni Mezgec Notes Microsoft Itself Federates With 7,000 Organizations Click Here
  • 3/18 - Stuart Monks of Polycom and Ofer Shapiro of Vidyo Note They Will Not Be Using WebRTC on Desktop or Mobile Clients  “…For Quite Some Time” Click Here
  • 3/19- Big UC Vendors Note Their Own Federation Stats With Customers: Microsoft 7,000, Cisco 2,000, Avaya None. Click Here
  • 3/20 – Lync Contact Center Vendors Start Making Skype a Part of Their Strategy: Clarity Connect PR Click Here
  • 3/20 - in EC13 Keynote, Microsoft's Derek Burney Notes Lync Web App Uses a PlugIn Today, But Lync Will Support WebRTC As Soon As Standard Is Finalized: Click Here (Click Here for my complete article on this)
  • image

Vendor Announcements

  • 3/19 HP Intros MSR30 & MSR50 Survivable Branch Communication Module (with Lync SBA software) Submitted for Lync Certification According to HP Click Here
  • 3/19 Polycom Achieves Lync 2013 Qualification for VVX500/600; VVX300/400 projected for Q2; HDX and Real presence compatible in June 2013 Click Here
  • 3/18 David Danto Notes Cisco To Introduce DX650 Android Based “Smart Desk Phone” Tomorrow Click Here (Click Here)
    • 1080p/ 30fps video
    • 7” Touch display
    • Android O/S
    • HDMI output for external monitor support
    • 3 USB/ Bluetooth/ WIFI/ SD Card/ POE
  • 3/18 Smart Lync Room System to Retail for $19,999 Click Here Product Details: Click Here
  • 3/18 Microsoft Lync Video Interoperability Click Here
  • 3/18 snom  UC Edition Phones (Mar 18, 2013) Click Here
    • snom publicly announces they will support the below features which are currently in “advanced development stage”
      • Enhanced Better Together: Deeper integration and support for Lync collaboration and calling features, including Click to Call.
      • Lync Conference User Interface: Enhanced, seamless user experience for joining and participating in Lync web conferences, using snom UC edition phones.
      • 802.1x Authentication: Robust, wired endpoint security for Lync with voice deployments.
    • No Need to Manually Load snom UC Edition (Lync) Firmware for Lync Server
  • 3/18 LifeSize LRS1000 Lync Room System Click Here

Do You Want a Live Interview From EC13 Expo Floor?


Some Lync product vendors have been asking me if I can chat and/or interview them: the answer is yes, but remotely.

  • REQUIREMENTS: All you need to do is have working internet connection and laptop and we can do a video interview using Lync
  • WEBCAM PLACEMENT:  I suggest placing your laptop (or lync 2013 mobile) in relatively quiet place in expo hall with expo or other EC13 activity in the background.
  • TO SCHEDULE: Contact me @matthewlandis and we will arrange schedule.

Other Notes:
Graph about Modality Usage:

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