Google, WebRTC and Ads: Could Ads Show Up In Future Video Calls Coming from Chrome?


Ads show up in Google searches. Ads show up in YouTube videos. Ads show up in Gmail.

But what about WebRTC? Could calls originating from Chrome have ads inserted? Could ads eventually play before you video call can commence? Or could there be transparent ads (much like Google+ water mark below?) at the bottom of a video calls? Or perhaps even more innovative: real-time transcription could suggest great solutions to problems being discussed in your video call or conference?


Just out of curiosity I’m wondering if this has been guaranteed against? Or is this just crazy and technically impossible? Would like your input. For some reason my “googling” seems to return nothing on this…


  1. I don't think it is possible, at least very unlikely. For it to happen, Google has to do some convoluted things. Normally, the hole punching ICE does would allow traffic coming from only the intended end point and not the ad serving end point. So Chrome has to do an extraneous hole punching for the ad traffic. I just don't see that they can get away with it from the user community.

    Another way to see it, today Chrome can decide to serve an ad before actually serving the intended page. It is not happening.

    1. @aswath, Good points and thanks for that input.


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