Microsoft’s Secrect UC Advantage: It’s Community Is Vastly More “Social” Than UC Industry In General?



Enterprise Connect 2013 Has approximately 5,000 attendees.
Lync Conference 2013 has approximately 1,000 attendees.

According to analysis of #EC13 using 1% sampling there were approximately 3,100 Twitter posts on 3/18, Day1 of EC13. On the first day of #LyncConf13 there around 2,000 posts. If I’m doing my math correct, 2 social interactions per attendee at Lync Conference 2013 with less than 1 per attendee at EC13.

If these number are indeed accurate, is this indicating an unseen advantage? If it is, is Microsoft even responsible for this? And is there a kind of irony in that Microsoft UC currently does not embrace social into its UC offering?

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  1. What's also fun is comparing #Lync to what my guesses were for CUCM, CUCI, Jabber, and Ciscocollab. I don't know others to check as I don't know that world. Regardless, #Lync is clearly more used than any of those others, combined.


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