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I’ve built an app, the “Who Can Federate Tool”, that can search your Outlook contact list for Microsoft Lync enabled domains. ( with pretty good, but not perfect accuracy via the presence of a DNS SRV record _tcp._tls.) Thanks to the power of crowdsourcing, this tool and helpful participants have discovered over 15,000 domains that appear to be Lync federation enabled at some level.

Lately I’ve been looking more closely at XMPP and the federation opportunities that lie in XMPP.

A couple things I noticed in my research so far:

  • Google Has Started to Block XMPP Invites: Click Here
  • Lync 2013 XMPP functionality built into Edge Server Means Much More Connectivity: Click Here

But I started to wonder: How many XMPP servers are out there? Why not search for XMPP servers facing the web in the same way we search for Lync servers, by looking for the presence of an XMPP SRV record? (_xmpp-server._tcp.)  I have a bulk DNS query tool that I developed to mass test a list of domains for presence of records. I have this tool chugging through the domains that currently are know to have Lync federation…

XMPP Server Initial Findings

Of the 15,255  known Lync federation enabled domains, only 1,201 or 8% are also XMPP federation4 enabled. This would indicate that the vast majority of Microsoft Lync implementations could benefit by implementing Lync Server 2013 XMPP built-in functionality.


Of Fortune 500 companies, 70 or 14% appear to have a public facing XMPP federation4.


XMPP Federation in Fortune 1000 companies2, 108 or 11% appear to have a public facing XMPP federation4.


Fortune 1000 companies with external client access via XMPP is 20 or 2%.


Research Ongoing…

1 Response to ._sip DNS considered “Microsoft UC public facing deployment”.
1 Response to .sipfederationtls DNS considered “federated to UC partners”
2 2008 Fortune 1000 list by Andrew Pavlo: Click Here
3 100 Oldest .COM Domains by tgdaily: Click Here
4 Response to ._XMPP-Server SRV DNS Record Considered “XMPP Federation”
5 Response to .XMPP-Client SRV DNS Record Consider “External Client Access”

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