Skype 6.3 Brings Skype to Lync Voice Federation

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Skype 6.3 seems to bring Skype to Lync Voice. With Skype 6.2 we noticed that voice “kinda/partially” worked, but it appears that with Skype 6.3 calls can go in both directions and Caller ID seems to work correctly.


Skype 6.3 required for Lync <-> Skype Voice federation.


In Skype 6.2 the caller ID would not always indicate correctly, in 6.3 this seems to have been fixed and caller ID is indicated correctly in both Lync and Skype.


Video is NOT enabled a this time. (This means Lync <-> Skype voice is AHEAD of schedule and Video is still on track for the timeline Microsoft has indicated)


below is what happens if you try to start video from Lync (as expected)


Below you can see presence coming from Lync to Skype:


If you want my detailed analysis of how Lync <-> Skype federation works technically and behind the scenes, please click here.

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