The 2013 Unified Communication “Fortune 1000 List” DNS Report


In 2011 I wrote a report about Microsoft UC based on statistics derived from publicly available DNS records. This year we will be able to compare the same domains and what has changed in the Microsoft UC/Lync. We will also add to our report data about XMPP servers.  While there are some challenges with using DNS records that I will outline below, I think the data demonstrates what is happening, at least in a general way, in the real world.

Definition of Terms

To avoid using the generic “Microsoft UC” we will use Lync to refer to any Microsoft UC products. This could be LCS, OCS, Lync or Lync Online/Office 365.

We understand the UC federation can mean different things to different people and vendors, but for the purposes of this report we are using the definition as outlined in this article “What Is UC Federation?”

Notes About DNS Based Data and Our Domain List

This report is not perfect and we want to clearly indicate what we see as weaknesses that one should be aware of when considering this report.

  • This report is based on querying DNS SRV records
  • Having the noted DNS record does not guarantee that an organization has fully implemented the indicated UC as the organization could be merely testing or piloting
  • Somewhat in the same vein of thought but having the DNS records reveals nothing about how many users are using the indicated UC solution
  • We are using the Fortune 1000 domains list by Andrew Pavlo compiled in 2008. We have decided to use this same list to ensure that domains are the same as tested before for comparison.
2011 Report Results

You can read the entire report by clicking here.

2013 Report Results
Lync and XMPP External Client Access Enabled Among Fortune 1000 Domains

Fortune 1000 Domains With Lync (_sip._tls.) or XMPP External Client Access Enabled (_xmpp-client._tcp. SRV record present)

Lync 370 37%
XMPP 20 2%


Lync and XMPP Federation Among Fortune 1000 Domains

With Lync (_sipfederationtls._tcp.) or XMPP Federation Enabled. (_xmpp-server._tcp. SRV record present)

Lync 382 38%
XMPP 108 11%


Federation Growth Among Fortune 1000 Domains Comparison Between 11/2011 and 3/2013

In about 1 year 4 months Lync grew about 11% points among our fortune 1000 domain list. (since we did not have numbers on XMPP we can’t give growth of XMPP)

11/2013 255 26%
3/2013 382 38%


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